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We should come together for Life as we do for Death

Now that she’s gone, I can’t help but wonder: WHY? Why the outcry now? Why the overly gratuitious expressions of love? Why the tears from strangers? Whitney Houston passed away, … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street – #@$%!!!

Okay so we all know what the infamous OWS stands for: Occupy Wall Street. Who are these people? The 99% of what? They don’t represent the rest of us working, … Continue reading

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Support Bloggers NOW

Featured bloggers: All you need to know about love, women, and everything in between! Beer Lovers online diary dedicated to discovering new beer! Draft time, Craft time all … Continue reading

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Boy in a cage

Funny and odd?  

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Mubarack resigns

ummmmmmmmmm! Don’t know how I feel about this. Still trying to figure out how it all came to be. My friend who is married to an Egyptian man says it’s … Continue reading

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Does this make you feel safe?

A FEW THINGS THAT ACTUALLY SCARE THE HELL OUT ME. I know these security measures were enacted to protect us. But how? A body scan maybe but would any serious … Continue reading

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2010 Back to it!

It’s 2010 and I’m still hear with this stream of conscious blog. I’m glad you are all still here as well. Remember this blog will be: Fun, witty, and offensive … Continue reading

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